Our Process

A detailed look into our process and what you can expect.


We would like to give you a little bit more detail into how we work and what you can expect throughout your experience with us. We have divided our process into four simple phases.

The phases contain key milestones that represent a critical piece of your project. Our process is designed to create an effective path that keeps your project on schedule and provides a convenient way to review and determine what stage your website's development is in. We will send you regular updates during the process so you always know what is going on.


Phase 1


Perhaps the most critical milestone in our process, we will get to know each other better and find out what your needs and goals are. Working together we will define your vision and set of shared goals for the effort.


By carefully reviewing your competitors websites and industry fundamentals we will identify the right strategies for your market and brand. We will also establish your unique SEO essentials so you hit the ground running.

Site Mapping & Wireframes

This will map out the skeleton or backbone of your website navigation and help identify the conversion opportunities we can achieve. Wireframes are created to aid in the layout strategies that align with your brand, market, and functionality requirements.


This stage is where the fruits of our labor, thus far come together. Your website’s governing design principles will be brought to life and formed into a concept.


Mockups of key pages will be designed which will later be used during the development stages.


Phase 2


Approval of Phase 1 Composites will then be needed before proceeding onto Phase 3.

Adjustments & Revisions

Any modifications can be done at this point. However, changes may delay the schedule as certain milestones in phase 1 may need to be repeated.


Phase 3


In this milestone, we will plan the best way to achieve your approved vision. For example, some functionality requirements may be more appropriate using one technology solution over another. This planning is done to help stay on schedule and maintain quality assurance.


The big one you’ve been waiting for right? This is where we will code your website. We apologize if that was a little anticlimactic, we don’t want to bore you unnecessarily.


Here is where we do debugging and testing of the your website's functionality and user experience. An assessment of your websites intended user experience is compared, then refined if necessary.


Your website is then deployed to your web hosting space, safe and sound. Another round of testing is done and some final configuration and optimizations are performed.


Phase 4

Maintenance & Support

You will receive personal free maintenance and support for two months, and a complimentary three month subscription to our client exclusive SEO and Conversion Strategy Services.

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