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Small Businesses In The Crosshairs: Are You Vulnerable To The Mobile-First Index?

Is your website ready for the 2018 Google switch to a Mobile-First Index? And what the heck is the mobile-first index anyway?

Everyone knows getting up there on the mighty “Google” can be difficult. And you probably also know it’s just as difficult to stay there. Things shuffle, new kids come on the block, others leave. The deck constantly reshuffles. But what about those of us(me included), that aren’t ranking very well anyway? Is this something we should be concerned with, plan for, and maybe even act on?


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Mobile Design And Your Business

See why mobile friendliness is a must have for your online strategy.

What is Mobile-Friendliness?

Mobile Design is the ability for your website to have alternate layouts or functionality depending on what kind of device your visitors are using. (ie. Mobile phones, Tablets, Desktop Computers, Televisions, etc.) This design approach not only makes your website “mobile friendly”, but also gives your website a big advantage over your competitors.


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