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Online Marketing​​ ​​For​​ ​​Tradesmen:​​ ​​The Brutal Truth You Need To Know

A guide to finally take control and get more customers from your website.

Over the years I’ve helped my fair share of tradesmen, and man… you guys are busy! I’m not even sure how you’re reading this. Oh and before we get too much farther in this guide for online marketing like a savage, go ahead and add this to your favorites right now. That way you can come back and grab chunks as time allows.

The goal of this guide is to remove the bs and get you on a path to action. Simple as that! It will show you only the concepts you need to know, with a little explanation in case you want put that Advil to work. This will be multi part guide, with future updates to close any loose ends and address any questions I get. If you have any questions(or want to tell me to hurry up and finish this) feel free to email me directly at

***Updated (9/13/2017)

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Mandela Effect Featured Image

What The Mandela Effect Can Teach You About Marketing

A fun peek into the unusual and what role our memory could have in marketing.

There is a phenomenon occurring for millions across the world. Its origins stem from an intriguing event in 2013 after the passing of Nelson Mandela. People swore up and down that they remembered him dieing in the 80’s or 90’s. This shared memory among those “affected”, not only seemed to validate its truth, but also fueled the insistence of an orchestrated plot to change history as we know it. Coined by Fiona Broome, it has spread like wildfire, spawning what is now known as “The Mandela Effect”. When a large group of people all remember something differently than what is believed to be real.

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